Florens Shoes: N°1 Fashion Shoes and Ceremony for children


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Florens Shoes: N° 1 Fashion and Ceremony Shoes for girls, boys and babies!

Many styles of children’s shoes are waiting for you!

We all know that children’s shoes are everyone’s passion, especially for mothers. It’s always fun to choose shoes with your children.
From Florens, you can find many models and styles including shoes for children daily or ceremony events, perfect for special occasions.
We do not hide that Florens children’s shoes are so beautiful that they are often bought by mothers to create a minime look – like their daughter. Our shoes are available from number 19 to 41, therefore perfect for children and adults. A wide range of sneakers, sandals, slip-ons, slippers and moccasins await you!
Florens shoes make mothers hearts beat and the girls’s eyes sparkle. A wide range of sneakers, sandals, slip-ons, slippers and moccasins await you!


The baby’s growth requires appropriate materials, fabrics and designs …

Florens knows very well this value with his 47 years experience!
Florens respects the physiology of the foot in all the delicate growth phases of the child without ever renouncing the style of adults. Have fun buying in full safety with florens.it, with maximum freedom and comfort.
Many models of fashion shoes for children and formal wear …


Let yourself be seduced by the fantastic accessories that make our shoes real works of art!

In our e-shop you will find an infinite models for you and your children to feel at ease.
Everyday shoes to go to school, trendy and fashion for the most events, elegant and formal occasions in the sweetest and most precious moments.


✓ Money back guarantee
With florens.it purchases have never been so convenient and safe. Choosing the shoes that you like most for you and your little ones, if you do not like them you can make the return by filling out the form “returns and replacements”.
A courier will come to your home to pick up the package and you will receive a refund as soon as the package is returned to the office


✓ 24H Free Shipping
With florens.it the shipping is free if you place an order equal to or greater than 100 euros.
Have fun and spend as if you were in the store but with the pleasure and convenience of receiving everything directly at home without paying for shipping.


✓ Easy and Free exchange
Do not be afraid of making a mistake sizes or a model!
With florens.it you can change sizes and models without any shipping costs. You indicate the footwear to change in “returns and replacements” and you will immediately receive assistance. A courier will come to your home to make the change.


✓ Chat assistance
Doubts? Problems? Tips? Not sure how to buy?
Write us without obligation on the chat that you find in the bottom right and tell us everything what you want ?
We will be happy to answer you.

Hai trovato la scarpina giusta, ma sei insicura sulla taglia?


Segui le istruzioni sottoelencate e in pochi secondi  conoscerai la taglia giusta.

Non preoccuparti di sbagliare, dopotutto siamo umani.

Potrai tranquillamente sostituire la calzatura che acquisterai entro 30 giorni GRATIS, comodamente da casa tua.

-Come misurare il piede del bambino-

1 Misura la pianta del piede dal tallone alla punta dell’alluce

2 Confrontalo con la tabella delle conversioni

3 Et voilà! Niente più paura di sbagliare taglia


misura pianta EUR. U.S.A. U.K.
11,33 cm 17 2
12 cm 18 3
12,66 cm 19 4
13,33 cm 20 4
14 cm 21 5
  21½ 5
14,66 cm 22 6
  22½ 6
15,33 cm 23 7
16 cm 24 7
  24½ 8
16,66 cm 25 8
  25½ 9
17,33 cm 26 9
  26½ 10
18 cm 27 10½ 10
  27½ 11 10½
18,66 cm 28 11½ 11
19,33 cm 29 12 11½
20 cm 30 12½ 12
20,66 cm 31 13½ 13
  31½ 1 13½
21,33 cm 32 1
  32½ 2
22 cm 33 2
22,66 cm 34 3
  34½ 3
23,33 cm 35 4
23,33 cm 35
  35½ 5 3
24 cm 36
24,66 cm 37 6 4
25,33 cm 38 7 5
26 cm 39 8 6
26,66 cm 40
  40½ 9 7
27,33 cm 41
28 cm 42 10 8
  42½ 10½
28,66 cm 43 11 9
  43½ 11½
29,33 cm 44 12 10